February 2011 - Lakatwalk - a fashion and lifestyle blog.
In Croatian fashion designers, Dove fashion.hr

A birth of an industry.

In Croatian Fashion Designer, Lei Lou

Bubble gum fun!

In Aleksandra Dojčinović, Croatian fashion designers

Designer quicky: Lei Lou by Aleksandra Dojčinović

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Red passionista!

In 2011 collections, best young designers

Designer quicky:Vjera Vilicnik - the fairy with the hands of gold

In art, Art Fashion Identity

Aware: Art Fashion Identity

In lady Gaga, US Vogue editorial March 2011

US Vogue editorial: Gagastic!

In Alex Dojčinović, Croatian designers

Editorial: I hate Valentines day but I love me!

In cities, Croatian fashion designers

KatWalking in London.

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