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Victor de Souza - fashion virtuoso!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

   During recently finished Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb I had a pleasure to meet Mr.Victor de Souza and his young and creative team. Other than tremendous talent and obvious endless passion Victor has in his creative expression, for the short time I had a chance to spend with him partying in clubs in Zagreb I must say I was most impressed with his adorable personality, childlike appeal, modesty and friendly character which is why I felt instant fondness and bond with him, which is really unusual for people working in such a busy, competitive and sometimes shallow industry - Victor is just the opposite, with having special sensibility for corporate responsibility and giving back to the community.

Victor's creative, positive and driven team seems to have the right vision in mind when it comes to developing his name and his brand. With such a great celebrity following and larger than life personality, sky is the limit.

Other than being recognized by many celebrities Victor's fabulous pieces appeared on many best magazine covers: Italian Vogue, Amica, Prim Mag, Numero etc.

Last week in Zagreb on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb we had the opportunity to see his romantic and sensual ready to wear collection for SS 2011. with couture detailing. The collection was made out of 24 evening wear pieces in wide range color pallet and variety of feminine siluetes of architectural design with comprehensive shoulder detailing - a modern dream of every fierce fashionista who is strong with her own view of the world but is also very gentle and passionate in her expression.

"Victor De Souza has totally shocked us!"
Coco Perez, blogger 

"I was not interested in fashion before, but now I am!"
Jessica Biel (after seeing Victor's show)


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2 fabulous comments

  1. bila sam i ja na fashion weeku zg sva tri dana i super je bilo! i ja sam napravila postove o tome:)
    xoxo Sienna

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