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Fashion week rush

Thursday, November 25, 2010

When somebody saids fashion week, which words come to your mind first?

If you asked me this question two years ago while I was still living in NYC I would say something like: 
double skinny Starbucks pepermint latte breakfast Showroom Seven - get jewelry samples - run to Anna Sui - red bull lunch - blistered feet - can't catch a damn cab - pick up show shoes - run to Bryant Park for AM shows - rush to Rugby RL (no wait its my day off) - run to Universal Display to merchandise the collection - back to Showroom Seven's closet - go home to change for PM shows - afterparties -go home to change for work - get tripple Starbucks pepermint latte breakfast - am work at Rugby RL - repeat all

Today, day after Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb it is more like:

Jacobs instant coffee in my new Starbucks plastic thermo breakfast (0.5L) - get to gym before 9am - run to P&G office - get roll ups & promo products to a rent -a-car - call and coordinate PR agencies - set and coordinate promo areas on spot - follow up on media partners - squeez in all regular day work in 2hr time slot - change and beautify for the event - pick up Hungarian collegues - network with customer partners, consumers and designers - after party - am work - repeat all

So now I decided to implement some changes and actually sleep every night during Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb, at least couple of hours a night ;)

Stay tuned as I will write daily updates on most interesting shows!

Sleep tight divas! :)



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2 fabulous comments

  1. I'm going to Zg Fashion Week too :)

  2. Sounds like a busy day!! You're so lucky to go to fashion week! xoxoxoxo


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