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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Your write great rhymes,
Now I'm like your biggest fan,
Emotions took over,
That wasn't the plan.

It's been now a year,
by this time you should be clear,
You should know if you care,
you should know what you feel.

When I try to talk,
I am confused
because you ignore it and choke,
 this way I'm sure that I will stay bruised.

I am not looking for promise,
nor big romantic speech,
I am not looking for materials things,
nor romantic getaway to the beach.

Live for today, you said, 
Don't think to much ahead,
You should have told me this,
 before we went to bed.

I would like an honest answer,
I just want to know,
are you just having fun,
will you stay or go?

The solution is simple,
sometimes we don't get a second chance,
when we take people for granted,
it can be the final end of romance.

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