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Halleluja for Vogue!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I was really happy to see gorgeous Halle on the cover of no other than most important September, 2010. celebration Vogue issue! Yes you can Ana!

Halle is 2nd black women on most important September issue cover. She si also a 6th black women on the Vogue cover in this decade, this is her 2nd Vogue cover (1st in Dec.2002.) and she looks fabulous with short hair again!

Here are some more facts on black women gracing the cover of THE fashion bible! Some call these, semi recent, positive changes an Andre Effect.

Not to bore you with to much historic details, I have collected most accurate data I could find and selected some fabulous covers bellow. 

Its was about time Conde Naste! 
  • March,1966.Donyale Luna was first ever black women on the cover of UK Vogue, although she did not identify as black and she was photographed covering her African American features not to "offend" Vogue readership at a time
  • August, 1974. Beveryl Johnson (First black women on US Vogue cover)
  • August, 1977. Peggy Dillard (had later two more Vogue covers)
  • March, 1980. Sheila Johnson (America’s first Black female billionaire)
  • January, 1981. Beverly Johnson
  • June, 1986. Shari Bellafonte (last of her 5 Vogue covers, 1982-1986.) - most Vogue covers by a black women
  • February, 1987. Louise Vyent
  • October, 1988. Kara Young's 2nd Vogue cover
  • January, 1989. Karen Alexander 
  • September,1989. Naomi Campbell - first black women solo on the cover of Sep. issue, the least selling cover of all times
  • April, 1994.Brandi Q is featured alongside two white models
  • May,1996. Naomi Campbell is given the inside flap of a special foldout cover
  • June, 1993. Naomi Campbell last solo Vogue cover
  • March, 2007. Jennifer Hudson was 1st full figure black women to appear on Vogue cover solo
  • July, 1997. Kiara Kabukuru (Ugandan supermodel)
  • January, 1998. Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) shares the cover with her fellow Spice Girls
  • October, 1998. Oprah
  • Novemeber, 1999. Iman shares the front cover with three other supermodels in special foldout cover
  • January, 2001. Marion Jones
  • December, 2002. Halle Barry's first Vogue cover
  • May, 2005. Liya Kebede (Ethiopian supermodel)
  • April, 2009. Beyonce (shape issue)



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2 fabulous comments

  1. Great post. I was just flipping through the issue tonight. And had to slow myself down because it was filled with so much that caught my attention. Great issue, lovely and informative post. Thank you. Have a great week. :)

  2. Ahhh...I will probably take a vacation to read it cover to cover ;)
    Thank you for kind comment!

    Have a great week! Its rainy and cold in Croatia last couple of days :( Summer is over looks like.


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