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Thursday, June 24, 2010

            Football fever is on! It is all about the World Cup!  Shakira sings about it, all media channels are totally swamped with it and for most of the men in the world life has frozen for these couple of weeks, and they are hypnotized by their TV boxes at home, computer screens at work and the smart phones on the way between the two. When poked they always answer with aha, ok, sure, I will, this might be the time ladies to get some answers/promises out of them ;)

      My company has organized a World Cup of our own in Geneva - P&G World Cup where I was also (bad idea) member of my regional team. The weather in Geneva was extremely cold; I stayed with some friends and met so many smart an extremely inspiring and successful people as one of my Slovenian colleagues, Brazilian women named Chris, German guy Daniel and even one cute Slovakian guy ;)

    We didn't play so well, I was a goalie and was very worried about playing outdoors, thankfully they gave me gloves - surely to protect my French manicured nails, I had a pink bow to match my pink jersey, sun screen was a necessity naturally as well as a lip gloss with sun protection as the sun is dangerous and can cause wrinkles and all. 

Other than playing we also partied hard with an awesome band and met some fabulous people from all over the world. Our Geneva office is very impressive and it was a pure pleasure to work there having each of the mornings start with Skinny Coconut Starbucks late and a croissant.

  This trip was really inspiring for me, after some time I could see some things more clearly. I decided to more bravely and promptly pursue some things I have been procrastinating such as the sports, dance, passion for fashion, creative expression and try to love again which I think I deserve and have been missing.

  Funny the way it is, at the same time I am back to becoming positive, creative, silly, brave and naive self I always used to be I got the email from my ex boyfriend which brought back some painful memories, but also I was very calm knowing he was ok, because no matter what happened between us, I still want all the best for him, although it seems he never really was the one for matter how perfect we felt to be for each other.

   Looks like I soccer punched the feelings out of me in my pink goalie jersey on a soccer field somewhere in Geneva. After all, I am proud for I have tried and I have given my all, never gave up, fought for who I loved and after all forgave and wish him all the best. 

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.
Ambrose Redmoon

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  1. fist picture amazing=)

  2. Love that first pic, so funny! saved it!
    We'll definitely be back on your blog, so cool! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.

    Love x


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