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A girl with a baggage moving on...

Sunday, May 02, 2010

This morning I woke up with my new heels on. Looks like I am back to being  my old self again after a long time! 

I am taking some risks and moving on (in the full meaning of the word). Night before yesterday I went out again with this guy, who is so not good for me, but he is sucha freakin' adorable, artistic hottie with a great body that I can't make myself stop. We started kissing at this random place and two peeping weirdos were looking at us the whole time. 

     Thankfully I haven't been the first to notice them but he did and he was terrified...hahaha...I was dying laughing although I bet I wouldn't sleep for days if I saw their psycho faces myself. Hanging out with him is really fun, we are like some two rebellious teenagers getting in trouble all the time.
I really need a reality check asap ( Note to myself: DON'T fall for him).

 I have been trying to break into these peep toe high heel brown booties and I wore them all day yesterday while packing and cleaning the house all day. Mission completed. I hope they won't bother me next week while on business trip.

Lately I have been overloaded and haven't been in a blog writing mood. With all the emotional and other big changes in my life I couldn't get myself to start writing. 

    Today, some things are more clear and I am really excited :) If everything goes well I am moving into my new apartment this Friday . Cross your fingers for me so everything goes well!

I am dedicating this post to going back to my old self again, taking risks, following my heart and having fun while at it!

           ...and here are some marvelous editorials for inspiration....


     La Kat

"You can do anything, you just have to dress for it".

~Edith Head~

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