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In 2010. I will......

Thursday, January 21, 2010

   Sometimes relationships are like those organic granolas you have for healthy breakfast the first week of the execution of your New Years resolution when you are still running at 6 am, sleeping your full 8 hours, carrying bottled water around at work, eating funny packaged organic food which before you could hardly even pronounce and religiously counting how many times a day you poop.

This is all while you are still motivated and well spirited about it all and believing in it, and before the actual muscle and joint pain from not stretching and over exhausting your body after living like a mess for past how many months? – and eventually quitting and going back to bad old habits.

Why so negative? It doesn’t need to be necessarily.
The similarity of it is that we do NOT need to go back to old destructive habits, nor we need to enter the relationships that our hunch is telling us will not finish well. This is like adding spoiled milk to those already wood chips tasting organic granolas.
We still get involved in such relationships, which are doomed to fail, because it is the easy way out of “bad, avoid by all cost - singleness”.

On the other hand, it every so often happens that one is in a good quality relationship promising to end with “happily ever after” tale – and is so blind and ungrateful, maybe scared of not fulfilling the expectations until one looses it all for good and than realizes it years to late, although there are some who lack self reflection so much that they never see any own miss-outs at all and blame it all on “holly destiny”. My dears, this is equal to bing eating after working your but off in the gym – self destructive and stupid.

Casualty of above often takes up another approach to dating and relationships.

It is called: Oh so disappointed with all man “stay cool bitch” approach. This approach brings you man salivating all over your Manolos ladies, but it doesn’t allow you to be yourself – although all this acting might bring you Oscar if you are in entertainment business ;) We do it because we want to stay in the loop and feel man’s attention (many man – plural), but are not ready to get much physical, emotional and “relationshipish” so we just drop them while they are still hot and still working hard to prove themselves worthy of your time.

This is all while healing and rebounding heavily – and anticipating that one “real man” who will provide you with comfort, protection, honesty and safe emotional haven we are all longing to have in a man. Just like we are all striving to keep that New Years resolution just a bit longer than last year at least!

“One step at a time…there’s no need to rush its like learning to fly or falling in love…”


~ Kat

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