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Roko - the worlds wirdest dog

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday, 28th of July

Dear all...I have been mentioning him in many of my posts..As he is rather peculiar creature...This time I decided to attach his picture as well, for your better understanding of his character (I haven’t still figured him out but maybe you will).
On the left you see his picture about 6 months he looks pretty much the same, although his legs are longer...nothing else changed really. Roko still hasn’t learned to pee like a male dogs do; he is still scared of everything. Roko is hardly a macho, house protecting, hunting and fearless kind of dog. The only word I can really use to describe Roko is: awkward. He actually behaves more like a human that like a dog.
In spite of all of our efforts, Roko is very misbehaved, we even had to take him to see a dog trainer, who refused to work with him after 2 days, as Roko continued to pee on his leg ( he never does it to us, I promise). The trainer said that Roko has his own will and will listen to nobody, he said he have never seen a dog like him.
Roko doesn’t sit, does not lie down when you ask him to...but he will gladly eat the cookies. If you yell at him he cries like a baby, and when my father is around he runs and jumps into his lap shaking (I swear he does), awkward right? I know!!!
Every day something new happens with this dog, another incident, as our neighbors like to call it. I have stop telling my friends about it, they do not believe me, well, that’s until they meet Roko.
Last night for example, yet again( Saturday night) he had waken up the whole neighborhood, he was crying and hauling like crazy. I woke up and I thought it had started to rain or something, which would kind of make sense because Roko is terrified of rain and hates to get wet, so than he cries and demands that we stand by his little house until he falls a sleep (again, weird, but my dad does it out of embarrassment in front of our neighbors).
This time it was not raining, I took a flashlight and annoyed went to see what’s going on (it was 4am); I found that some slimy snail have entered his house and Roko was scared and could not sleep.
Naturally, I was also scared, so I woke up my dad to take the snail out. We gave Roko a brave cookie (which is how we call special colorful cookies he will eat, only) and again, dad was standing by his house until Roko fall a sleep.
So that was the latest and the greatest with Roko.
Ouu yea...and another thing...I try to play catch with him..Roko seems to like it a lot, although whenever I throw a ball, he runs up to it and brings me a weird is that? Every single time I throw a BALL he finds a leaf to bring..and completely ignores the ball.
Love life: Uff...lots of interesting stuff lately... I am considering offers, although not yet acting upon any. July will be very interesting, in terms of getting in touch with what I really feel. I am actually looking forward to finding it paintful it might be later, it is worth of checking, just in never know.

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