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Its OK to be gay

Saturday, June 13, 2009


13th of June 2009

This morning I slept in, as I stayed up late last night making Swarowski crystal earrings for my friends weeding today. I made her real nice and elegant chandelier earrings and met with her early this morning, she stopped by on her way to hairdresser.

I went to buy some fruits and fresh bread at the market on my way back home, showered and put on my Leonarda Boban floral lace and ruffle dress I got on this years Fashion Week charity auction, I was surprised it ended up being a bit big on me, I swear my body sometimes seems to transform sizes based on newly purchased fashion pieces, it happened to me with shoes as foot miraculously fits in like 5 different sizes...every shoe I like fits in whatever size available...weird.I guess my body follows fashion trends by shrinking according to current season top looks hahaha....

After taking about two hours to get ready I went to meet up with a very cute new friend for a coffee, he took a train home and I walked through my home town Zagreb which I fall in love with every day for a new reason. Today this reason was growing tolerance. I was proud that my city hosted "Gay Pride 2009." and I was disappointed to see there was "Anti-gay pride protest" as well....although Croatian population (read urban parts of Croatia) is getting more and more liberal and sexually and racially tolerant there will always be small minded people who hate just to hate.

Reading the articles following the Pride I was deeply saddened with post event incidents. I take it to heart, because I simply don’t understand why people are such a hypocrites and so scared of differences.Many feel so morally superior to others, calling upon religion, family heritage, nationalism where the only thing that lies behind their hatred is their insecurity in their own sexuality and/or inability to comprehend that we all are not the same and shall respect each other for who we are as individuals.

It is simple, being gay and supporting gay pride has absolutely nothing to do with sex and it has everything to do with asking for equality of people, not a boy and a girl, girl and a girl, boy and a boy...just people.


Equal opportunity to love, to share, to live together, to kiss, to argue, to break up, to eat lunch together in public, to flirt, to party, to get in trouble, to have friends gay and straight, to believe, to get married, to have family, to buy a house, to move in together, to visit your love one in the hospital when sick, to meet the parents, to be scared, to have the right to inherit loved ones property, to bury your partner when he or she dies.

Live and let live.

It’s ok to be gay.



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