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Friday, May 22, 2009

So, here it goes...I met somebody...of course, didn't have a clue, did not want it and didn't expect it. He is not even my type! Never thought I could fall for somebody like that, and I did not, yet...but I can't stop thinking about him. There is something so cool, so hard to describe, and so normal about him. He is at the same time so strong and so vulnerable.

However, there is a catch, actually two. The first catch is that it is more wrong than right....actually it is totally wrong...so wrong I should not even talk to him anymore. Second catch is that he knows my ex, so this should be an automatic No-No... he is very like my ex, but more mature, brave and macho. He is very successful, strong, intelligent and intriguing....actually he is all my ex wanted to be but could not..hmm…that is just wird how karma works,ha?

But I should not even dare...I know I should not; I should not dare to think that something might happen here. We talked for hours, it really feels good to be around him, I am a different person now, more calm and more careful....I don't believe in love anymore...Or do I?


live from cloud nine...Kat

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