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Thursday, July 17, 2008


State of mind: somewhere between depression and insanity
State of the body: nasal congestion, painful throat, painful breathing- self diagnosis remains Strep Throat possibly transitioning into Bronchitis (also possible hypochondria)

Problem: moved to another country without detailed plan
(other than the obvious one that I am home by computer on Thursday night)

After moving back to Europe I realized the flaws of my unexciting plan. Well, the flaw #1 was obviously a lack of comprehensive moving plan. The flaw #2 was not having a detailed plan for job searching. The flaw #3 was planning my vacation to soon and the flaw #4 was NO planning and savings for my move to London.

The consequences of these flaws were: five boxes of priceless winter clothes and shoes trapped still in US, loosing my mind over not finding a desired job position for a WEEK now, as well as uncertainty about move to London and vacation. Not to mention a huge loss in financial department as a direct result of me hanging out in Bloomies shoe department for to long while preparing for this move.

However in my defense, I did worked a lot last weeks in the City, I really wanted to book that vacation with my girls and hoped all the other pieces (job and move to London) would fall in place until than. They didn't. But, the shoes were on sale and practically free and I definitely needed new flats. Also, my judgement is clouded by LOVE. I am in love, and I heard that two hearts in love are like magnets that pull together, and this magnet of mine is quit strong and managed to pull me to Croatia and it is now pulling me to London.

After carefully examining this problem of mine it downed to me that I am an addict. I am addicted to LOVE. LOVE toward the man I love and towards fashion. Even though those two cant compare they can definitely coexist. This addiction of mine is definitely something I am never going to be ready to let go, as long as I am able to have them coexist without conflicting (read WILL NOT buy those shoes out of my rent money).

As my friend Armina said this problem of mine has a simple solution. I just need to figure out what is it that I absolutely cant live without and what am I not going to be able to compromise over. This is how I am going to make my work and personal decisions easier. She was right. It all became clearer. I want to be with my boyfriend and continue working in fashion. That is my solution.

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